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I can imagine you sitting at the top of Mount Magazine, 2,750 feet up, looking out over the beautiful landscape, trying to plan your future. Trying to decide what you’re going to do with the rest of your life is a mighty, mighty fine endeavor. One choice you may want to make is the decision to go to one of the fine HVAC schools in Arkansas.┬áBeing an HVAC technician in the State of Arkansas, one of the grand southern states, has a lot of advantages.

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One of the advantages is that the weather is quite mild. This means that you’re not going to get the people screaming and yelling because of 120 degree heat that you might in other parts of the country, or complaining that there’s six feet of snow on the ground and they need to get their heater working.

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I can imagine the guy sitting on the porch in Mountain View playing his ukulele. Trying to reminisce of being a pioneer would be mighty sad if on the hottest day of the year he was unable to go inside and get a little air conditioning.

Imagine if you could Johnny Cash sitting up on Clark Bluff overlooking all that chalk and trying to decide what to do with his career. Should he be a singer or should he be an HVAC tech? I think the world is much better off that he went the HVAC tech direction as opposed to becoming a duck caller, a chalk producer or a picker of apple blossoms. When you’re looking for materials as an HVAC tech, you don’t have to look much further than the warehouses and stores of Arkansas, where you can now find the highest tech and the smart innovations for the industry.

You won’t find people figuring things out in boxes made of pine, but instead you’ll find guys with gauges and running apps on their IPhones, trying to figure out what’s wrong with a complex computerized HVAC system. You won’t have any shortage of energy getting through your HVAC education being in a southern state that is the spinach capital of the world. If General Douglas MacArthur himself was standing in front of you right now, helping you with your career choice, I’m sure he would tell you to do something that was practical, helpful and could make money for you and help support your family, but even more than that, do something that’s helpful for the world.

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The people of Arkansas are good people. They’re a simple people and a proud people and not a people looking for the fancy things of other far flung parts of the country. These people want a safe home and they want a comfortable home and being an HVAC tech you can be proud of.

Imagine if you would Scott Joplin sitting in the middle of a sweltering summer day trying to write one of his great piano pieces and how much more he could have done and how much better he could have focused if he’d had the cool blowing of a working HVAC system in the summertime and the warm heat breezing across his piano in the cold winter of an Arkansas winter.

The choice you make on where you get your education and training is yours. The decision on whether to go to HVAC school or not is yours. Either way, I’ll be proud of you. If you decide to go to an HVAC school, you’ll be part of a proud profession of people that works to contribute to the survival of the other individuals in their community and occasionally even provide the right temperature for some poor, fragile person where the temperature of the room that they’re in is literally the difference between their life and their death.

Be a proud Arkansas citizen. Do the right thing, and we’ll be proud of you.